Extract of Terms & Conditions

* The first month of free subscription is only going from the current day of the current month when subscribing, to the last day of the current month.

(1) The price per request is displayed for the maximum amount of requests included in the plan. In case of exceeding the maximum amount authorized by our Terms & Conditions, each extra request shall be charged with an extra +0.10 € from the original price. For example: 0.89 € + 0.10 € equals 0.99 €. If you do not want that to happen, you may upgrade your plan to Platinium Plan.

(2) Up to 9 domains used during a month. +49 € for each extra domain. For Platinium plan only. It is not possible to add extra domains in Silver and Gold plans. For agencies, please contact us for personalized prices.

(3) We check for you a batch of up to 100 session recordings per month to ensure quality and anti-fraud control. If you wish to extend the checkings, please contact us for a personalized plan. For agencies, please contact us for personalized prices.

(4) Subscription price and conditions for agencies upon request only.

(5) Any month that has begun is due and shall be billed entirely.

(6) Installation of RLTS is free for Platinium Plan and Agencies and is charged 69 € for each landing page for Silver and Gold Plans.

Full Terms & Conditions

Please contact us to get the full Terms & Conditions document.

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